A Post About My Blog :)

Yesterday, the everso lovely Ms Red added me onto her blog as part of her new feature called “Introducing”, where she writes about the not-so-famous bloggers out and about at the moment.

I love reading Ms Red’s blog as she knows her stuff about beauty and skincare, and is completely honest with how she feels about a particular product. Her nail posts are particularly awesome🙂

I am very privileged that she popped me on her blog and I hope that my readers will have a look at her blog to discover amazingly well written and awesome posts.

To read what she wrote about my blog, look here. Her blog lives here and she tweets here. If you’re a fairly new blogger, drop her an email and she might include you as well🙂

Thanks again, Ms Red for this awesome opportunity to get my blog out there🙂 And welcome to those who have found me through her post! Hope you enjoy!